天星訣 1.1 (MOD/Unlimited Money)

天星訣 1.1 (MOD/Unlimited Money)

App Information of 天星訣-王心凌甜美代言

App Name 天星訣-王心凌甜美代言 v1.1
Genre Games, Role Playing
Latest Version1.1
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UpdateDecember 24, 2021
Package Namecom.winwaygame.sword

Description of 天星訣-王心凌甜美代言





星河破曉 四海逍遙

化仙入魔 集結飛升


劍靈神獸 人寵合一

渾天寶鑒 陰陽同修 / 組團探寶 奇境縱橫

* 設備:Android 5.0以上版本智慧型手機、平版電腦
* RAM:1GB以上
* CPU:1.2Ghz以上

*本軟體因遊戲內容涉及 「性」、「暴力」、「戀愛交友」,故建議應列級別為「輔導12歲級」。

Xingyue and you are in love with you.
Oriental Fantasy Stars MMORPG.

“Will you give up everything and save the common people?”
“If the common people are no longer miserable, the deity will have no regrets or regrets”

Watching the stars and watching the moon, reversing the destiny
Looking at the Milky Way, a sword soars
The ancient sword in the starry sky, the evolution of ten thousand races, and the rampage of immortals and demons, who will fight for the front?
In pursuit of the ultimate fairy/devil Tao, the road you travel will be full of thorns!

Experience a million-word original plot in the game, reveal the secrets of ancient legends; a multi-dimensional life of a new ancient fairy hero; both strategy and a sense of growth, multi-skill combination combat gameplay waiting to be challenged; more reversible, change your fate, and achieve yours The road to immortality! The game is equipped with ultra-high-definition 4K image quality, seamless scene connection, and everything you touch is beautiful; the top engine creates real physical collisions, combos of moves, and an extremely smooth combat experience. There are more oriental dragons, northern basalts, and westerns. The White Tiger, Southern Suzaku, the ancient four elephants gathered, the spiritual power emerged, and the stars soared!

The Starry River Breaks Dawn, The Four Seas Happy
Real interactive, exploratory big world oriental fantasy MMORPG mobile game;
Created by the next-generation Unreal Engine, you will win the night, the stars and the moon, and the fairy tales of ten thousand worlds. I will travel all over the world.

Transforming immortals into demons, gathering and soaring
Immortals and demons gather, the lunar yin is coming out, and who is in charge of the ups and downs in three rooms and seven realms? Fate against the sky, a bumpy road, meet in extinction, and nothing!
Gather the fairy alliance, gather the magic way, and create a legend that governs the world! Multi-skill combination battles, real-time strategy PVP battles, staged PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

May I be like a star and a moon
In the dust, the stars and the moon accompany each other, know each other, fall in love, and blind each other in the journey of immortals;
Cross-dimensional reality interaction, create your exclusive wedding in the new antiquity beautiful fairy world; become a fairy or become a devil, everything has you.

Sword spirit, god, beast, human and pet in one
Ancient cute pets and four elephant mounts, become your loyal servants on the road to immortality;
Choose fashion as you like, change makeup as you like, gorgeous undergarments, heroic gowns, and handsome armors, no matter the weather, summer or winter, you can choose.

Huntian Baojian, Yin and Yang fellow practitioners / Team to explore treasures, wonderland aspect
Everything in the world is immortal, and the universe is in the sky, too empty and respectable
Team up to explore the magic island of the fairyland, collect ancient artifacts from mountains and seas; Yin and Yang gossip, Shenlong Pangu, draw refining, and complement each other.

Minimum configuration:
* Equipment: Smartphones and tablet computers with Android 5.0 or higher
* RAM: 1GB or more
* CPU: 1.2Ghz or more

This game software is classified as: Supplementary Level 12
*As the content of this software involves “sex”, “violence”, “love and friendship”, it is recommended that the level should be listed as “counseling 12 years old”.
*This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
*If you play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time and avoid being addicted to the game.

ID: com.winwaygame.sword

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